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About Us

Inivas Financial is a comprehensive financial services firm located in Stoughton, Massachusetts. Serving clients in the greater Boston area and southern New Hampshire, my firm is proactively working with local community members to help them retire on time, and with sufficient resources to see them through their retirement years.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, I have taken an oath to work in a fiduciary capacity. Specializing in retirement income planning, I have devoted my professional career to educating pre-retirees, and equipping them for a successful and prosperous retirement. Having recently completed the RETIREMENT INCOME CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL™ program and becoming an RICP®, I am committed to increasing my knowledge and staying current on the most relevant industry developments. Always looking out for their best interest, my priority is to provide services and advice to my clients that drive financial success.

I am exceptionally passionate about advancing my professional expertise and industry knowledge. Staying well versed in regulatory changes and federal guidelines, I am able to provide exemplary service that enhances the financial picture of the individuals with whom I work.