Why We're Different

Prior to turning 30, I was involved in a class action suit against one of the industry giants for deceptive sales practices. Even with an MBA, I found I was uneducated in areas of personal finance. After incurring large amounts of credit card debt, I came within an arm’s length of losing my home. Despite the old adage of, “It’s best to learn from your own mistakes,” I believe that the opposite is true. I regularly share my story and knowledge so that individuals can learn from my mistakes - because avoiding their own is a lot less painful.

Combining my personal experience and professional expertise, I pride myself on delivering financial solutions to my clients that are truly life changing. As someone who is approaching retirement, making a financial mistake today holds greater consequence than it did when you first entered into your career. Inivas Financial understands this, and can assist you in proactively building a solid distribution plan so that you are free to relax and enjoy the golden years of your life.

As a fiduciary, my first responsibility is the financial well being and success of my clients. As a person, I care deeply about helping individuals navigate the complexities of retirement through an educational and personal approach.

As you begin to look toward retirement, partner with Inivas Financial and be certain of your future wealth and prosperity.